High-Risk Payment Processing

User flow

  1. User1 Initiates Deposit:
    • User1 initiates a deposit with the desired payment method (PaymentMethod1).
    • The payment is acknowledged by the P2P Escrow, confirming the initiation of the transaction.
  2. P2P Transfer Notification:
    • The P2P Escrow notifies User2 about the P2P transfer, indicating that funds are on the way.
  3. User2 Deposits to Merchant:
    • User2 deposits the funds directly to the Merchant using a different payment method (PaymentMethod2).
  4. Merchant Confirmation or Non-Confirmation:
    • If the Merchant confirms the payment, the P2P Escrow releases the funds to User2.
    • If the Merchant does not confirm the payment:
      • If User2 not deposited funds, the P2P Escrow initiates a refund to User1.
      • If User2 deposited funds later, User2 can request a refund, and the P2P Escrow processes the refund.

The system is designed to handle cross-payment method transactions through the P2P Escrow, ensuring that funds are securely transferred between users. Refund mechanisms are in place to address situations where the Merchant does not confirm the payment or if User2 deposits funds later. This approach aims to provide flexibility and security in payment transactions, accommodating different payment methods and mitigating potential issues with timely refunds.


Flexible Payment Methods

Merchants can receive payments through their preferred payment method (PaymentMethod2), while users (User1) have the flexibility to deposit funds using their own preferred payment method (PaymentMethod1).

Cross-Payment Method Transactions

The system facilitates transactions between users and merchants even when their preferred payment methods differ, enabling seamless cross-payment method transactions.

User-Friendly Experience

Users (User1 and User2) experience a user-friendly payment process where they can initiate transactions with their preferred payment methods, enhancing overall satisfaction.

Secure Escrow System

The P2P Escrow acts as a secure intermediary, ensuring that funds are held safely until the payment is confirmed, providing a layer of security for both users and merchants.

Payment Confirmation Mechanism

Merchants have the ability to confirm the receipt of payments, reducing uncertainty and allowing for quick and efficient processing of transactions.

Refund Handling

The system includes a structured refund mechanism that addresses scenarios where payments are not confirmed or where users deposit funds later, providing a fair resolution process.

Enhanced Merchant Revenue

Merchants can potentially increase revenue by accepting payments through multiple methods, appealing to a broader range of customers with varying payment preferences.

Improved User Trust

The use of an escrow system and transparent refund processes enhances user trust, providing assurance that their funds are handled securely, even in cases of non-confirmation.

Adaptability to Market Dynamics

The system adapts to the dynamic landscape of payment methods, allowing merchants and users to adjust to evolving market preferences without disrupting the transaction flow.

Reduction of Payment Friction

Users experience reduced friction in payments as they can use their preferred payment methods, improving the overall user experience and encouraging participation in transactions.

Efficient Handling of Payment Issues

The system efficiently handles issues such as non-confirmation by the merchant or delayed deposits, ensuring that users are promptly refunded or that necessary actions are taken to resolve concerns.


The system is scalable, accommodating a growing user and merchant base while maintaining the integrity of the payment processing flow.

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